Quick Start

Good to know: A quick start guide can be good to help folks get up and running with your API in a few steps. Some people prefer diving in with the basics rather than meticulously reading every page of documentation!

Get your Private Beta Access key

In order to fully access the Ra Protocol, you must first register for the private beta via our landing page. After applying for your beta key, you should be emailed a beta access key to the email you input in the registration form within 24-72 hours.

Install Ra Protocol

Next, you're going to have to install the Ra Protocol by running the following commands in your command line:

# Install via NPM
npm install -g ra-protocol

Note: Prior to making your first request, make sure you update the config file appropriately and set the account for which the commands should execute to/from.

Make your first request

To make your first request, initiate a command via the 'ra-protocol' root command:

$ ra-protocol

Configure Ra

Next, you'll need to configure your Ra setup. To do this, submit the following command:

$ ra-protocol config

Doing so will prompt the command line to ask you to input your private beta access key like so:

After entering the private beta key, you'll then be able to start using Ra.

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